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''I told you I didn't want to fight. Even with that, you attacked me. You call me a freak for standing up for myself and who I am and mocked me for wanting peace. Do you understand now? Do you see where fighting gets you? Well, I guess not. Not anymore anyways. Call it an eye for an eye Zinnia, we're even.'' (Thistle to Zinnia, episode 4)


Thistle is May's third vessel. They are a red, battle-scarred Persian-Manx cat with amber eyes and a stumpy tail, right shredded ear and a cross-shaped scar on their left cheek.

The problem that May has to fix with Thistle is their unwillingness to trust, willingness to fight too much, and their difficulty standing up for themself.


Foster father: Unnamed male


Thistle- ''Heh heh, those pesky porch mice! Always causing trouble, amiright?''

Thistle- “What if I don’t want to act like a lady? I just want to be myself, Dad. Why won’t you let me?”