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Origins is the second animated series by PetPyves.

The Blurb

"Years after the events of Twelve May struggles to find herself. Her journey alongside Imp had shaped her future for the better. Or so it seemed. May must choose to live up to her destiny portrayed by Imp or go against history and time to create a better future for herself and her family. As she begins a new journey, she must turn to the past to find the truth."

"Origins will be a series in the same style as Twelve; a PMV animatic featuring the characters and stories from Twelve but in a whole new adventure. It will serve as the prologue and epilogue to Twelve, sharing the beginnings and ends of the vessels, May, and Imp. Will they confine themselves to their destinies? Or will they turn to their Origins to change the future?"


Origins currently has Seven episodes, and the prologue, Making a Total of 8 Episodes so Far