''Yeah.. it's because mama goes away.. But we're going to find a new home, so that we can both be happy again.'' (Ebony to Daisy, episode 5)

Ebony is May's fourth vessel. He is a light gray great-Dane dog with green eyes.

His problem is that he doesn't have a home, after he and his wife (Camellia) divorced and May tries to find him and his daughter, Daisy, a new home.

Family Edit

Mother: Unnamed female

Aunt: Unnamed female

Mate: Camellia (in the Finale, it seems that they have made up)

Daughter: Daisy

Friend: Jasmine

Quotes Edit

Imp- ''What are you afraid of?''

May/Ebony- ''Nothing.'' (Ebony/May, episode 5)


Ebony- ''FINE! You wanna go so bad then go! Run away like you always do!'' (Ebony to Camellia, episode 5)

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